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Monday morning “Guide Line” 7-9-12

I’ve decided to try provide a little insight to the world of technology from the eyes of a fishing guide each Monday morning. SPICE IT UP A BIT!! Technology has truly aided the average fisherman to greater efficiency on the water. It is my belief many anglers lack the time on the water to gain the confidence in their equipment to truly realize it’s potential. My hopes are that this short blog of information is something that some of you will be able to add to your game while on the water.

Let’s talk electronics!!

I’m utilizing a Humminbird 1198C at dash. NO…..It’s not a “Plasma” which many customers ask. LOL!! Beyond being a beautiful large display, this “Bird” provides my underwater eyes……IN MANY WAYS!!

First off the world of fishing changed with Lake Chips and electronics. These chips are NOT 100% accurate, but pretty darn good. The insertion of a lake chip allows the average angler to accelerate his/her learning curve by studying the contours of a particular body of water. I believe we all know that at this point.

Here is something I’m not sure if everyone understands. MARK FISH. You WILL NOT……WILL NOT catch Walleyes that aren’t present. We run 8 hour trips; IF we don’t mark the pods of fish on the “Bird” you WILL see Rainydaze Guide Service showing off all 300 Ponies as we burn from spot A to Z and NOT fishing.

Rainy Lake can fish complex and it can at times seemingly fish easy. Fishing memoriees on this body of water is dangerous and rarely effective. It is amazing how a large pod of Walleyes will pack up camp and follow a food source to new water in short order. Your underwater eyes within the word of Open water angling is your best friend just the same as it is in the winter. Now in the day and age of Social Media…….You might not always “LIKE” what it is telling you, but you need to accept it. Accept your New Friend.

If I could give you an “Opening Day” tip in this first week of Granruds “Guide Line” that I felt would make you a more efficient and Consistent Walleye anglers I’d say put your arm around your Humminbird and listen to it. Learn to breakdown structure and comprehend the relationship between your target fish and the structure they are found upon. This will often duplicate itself throughout the fishery at least on that day. Goood, Bad or indifferent it is…….WHAT IT IS!!!

Here is a Bad scenario, and one which we had been dealing with. 90% of the fish were NOT holding on structure. How do I know that? Becuase my electronics told me and verified it. Those fish were hanging in “No-Man’s” land. Fish that are hanging in deep water void of fishable structure are simply fish that anglers will not catch in numbers responsibly. It can be frustrating having to fish and locate smaller pods of fish, but you can do it with precise boat control and key moves to fish. When you find a slightly larger pod in a fishable position…..YOU have less room for error and better bring your “A” Game in that reduced window of activity. During the last week we’ve landed 30-40 Walleyes a day while many anglers were lucky to tag single digits in a full days work. My key…Locating the best pods of fish, and having pinpoint boat control allowing us to fish a delicate presentation precisely on top of those fish.

Good Scenario; Yesterday those same fish moved to fishable structure in mass. First spot was LOADED with fish. We caught 1!! After 30 minutes of watching fish swoop up to our bait I said we need to tip our hat to these fish boys. They are here in big numbers, but they either just finished off a giant “Cisco Sandwich” or have given up meat for some sort of “Fish Lent”. We won’t forget they are here, but for now we’re looking for fish a bit less smart. I like to locate the BIG and the DUMB with a hatred for my jigs.

We moved on to spot B. The Walleyes again were Loaded on our Humminbird. I told the guys; This could be a Humminbird commercial men. We quickly laced up and simply MURDERED those fish. I wouldn’t be surpised if CSI showed up today to investigate the carnage. Big fish, Small fish and “Lunchers” all mixed together in a fish popcorn ball. At noon we had a beautiful 12 fish limit of 16-16.75 inch Walleyes.

Here is a quick pic I snapped during the feeding frenzy. IF you see this while you are fishing……HANG ON!! These fish were in a beautiful feeding position and NEVER left our screen before we finally just moved on so I could find other fishing locations for our customers.

Take note of a couple things on this picture. Those fish are what I’d refer to as “Swooping” they are moving up and down in the column off the protected bottom obviously eating something. It’s anyones guess precisely what they were feeding on, but I will say our H20 Jigs worked 3-5 feet off the bottom were being rocked like an 80′s hair band!!

Look for this the next time your combing structure with your “Bird”. Then……Drop the hammer on them!

Granrud’s Monday morning “Guide Line”

We’ll see you on the water team………We’ll be the boat with the net out.