A side of “Ugly”

Remember guys Eel Pout spawn during the winter. For anglers who like to tangle with the “Catfish of the North” these fish can be simply crazy fun!! I assure you this team will be out looking to top our personal bests this ice season. A couple years ago I barbed a 38.5 inch 14lb Lawyer. Tucker landed a 36.5 inch Ugly Lurker!! I believe the state record roams these waters, and I’d be glad to put my name on it. These fish will fight you like a monster Walleye and have backstraps that will make Walleye taste sour!!

For Pout chasers a small spoon tipped with a minnnow head worked close to the bottom can provide heart stopping action.

Locate the Pout spawning grounds and bend your rod through the cork!!

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