In Honor of Those Who Inspired You.

Somedays I look back at where I came from and who I am now. We all have that someone who inspired us. They taught us an appreciation for fishing. It was back in the day where the fun on the lake might have often outweighed the fish in the basket. Picking “Dew Worms” and covering them with grass in a Folgers can was commonplace….AND FUN!! Fish electronics were considered some form of “Witchcraft” by my grandpa. EVERYTHING was a “GOOD EATER”. Slot restrictions would have been scoffed at. Fish fry…………It’s simply what was for dinner. Old Pontoons were good enough for our fishing at Northern Minnesota resorts. Pinnochle was played by the grown-ups while kick the can left kids screaming as they ran through the dark between cabins.

The fish cleaning house was smelly and the picnic tables needed some new stain. The times were simple, yet the memories forever remain etched in the soul of so many anglers like myself.

My grandpa inspired me to inspire so many fisherman. He was a painter that loved to soak bait. It didn’t matter if it was on the old banks of the muddy creek in Ohio or Lake Erie chasing Walleyes.

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