Rainy Lake is arguably the greatest Northern Pike lakes in the State of Minnesota.

The chances of landing a trophy caliber fish are high when your on the right pattern.  Each season our guide service catches and releases around 50-60 pike exceeding 10lbs and a few pushing over the 20lb class.  There are few things in the world of fishing that can make a fisherman’s heart race like when a Giant “Gator” rips line from your spool.  Pike are open to fishing all year here on Rainy Lake, and our guide service is well known for putting fisherman on big pike in both April and May prior to the traditional Minnesota fishing opener in the second week of May.

In the April time-frame into May we will fish these huge female pike in shallow water in close proximity to prime spawning grounds.  As the summer patterns set in these fish will slowly start migrating into cooler waters and will be found on break lines eating small walleyes and ciscoes.

We also land many big pike in December and January.  As we normally will be found jigging big walleyes in our fish houses we will often be chasing tip-ups for massive pike.  It is also very common to catch these large “Jacks” on your jig stick!!  There are few people that enjoy the smaller fish, but rarely do customers not enjoy the battle of a trophy Northern Pike!!

For the fisherman that are looking for a trophy Northern Pike to add to the cabin wall or take a picture of it for their office space I would highly suggest booking your trip in late April into May.  Or for the ice fishing fanatics I would suggest Mid-December through January!!