Many anglers travel across the country to fish Rainy Lakes Smallmouth Bass.

These big “Bronzebacks” no longer take a backseat to Minnesota’s Popular Walleye.  The magnificent bass of the “Northwoods” begin to build nests and congregate in the shallow waters in the mid to late May time period depending on water temperatures.  In the beginning of June these fish spawn.  The fishing during this period can be simply “Heart stopping”.  I’ve often said if you don’t enjoy a 5lb smallmouth bass smashing a top water presentation there must be something wrong.  Fish in the 21-22 inch class are caught each season with even bigger fish not out of the question.

As these fish migrate from the spawning grounds they often locate themselves on shallow rock piles from 8-20 feet of water. Many anglers will then choose to pitch jigs and plastics or use crank-baits to turn fish.  As fall approaches some of these “Fat Bass” will be found on deep sunken reefs and eventually displace walleyes from this structure.  Big baits such as big rainbow chubs and jigs can dominate these big fish in the October time-frame.  Don’t be surprised if your catching Walleyes, Pike, Crappies and Smallmouth Bass all on the same trip!! Book your Smallmouth adventure today!!