Rainy Lake continues to produce world class fishing for walleyes.

With the walleye population feeding heavily upon ciscoes, smelt, lake shiners and perch these fish really have shoulders!!  Fish in the 20-25 inch class are very common and fish from 26-30+ inches is a distinct possibility on every trip.  Each year our guide service lands a tremendous number of 28-30+ inch  MONSTER walleyes. We take a lot of pride in our full-time efforts on the water following these elite fish. Fishing is our business and we enjoy BIG results!!

Here is a brief synopsis of what anglers can expect when planning a trip walleye fishing with Rainydaze Guide Service.  During the May and June timeframe many of the large female walleyes will hold in shallow water.  This time of year customers can simply get sore wrists battling these girthy walleyes throwing jigs and plastics or stickbaits.  The scenerey is breathtaking as we spend much of our days in out of the way places watching for wildlife while ripping big fish.  BRING A CAMERA!!

July and August is a timeframe that we  find ourselves vertical jigging or casting jigs over deeper water.  We often lace up shiners and hover over large schools of heavy fish with our Terrova 101lb  I-pilot. This allows us to stick right on top of these fish with great precision.  Customers may also enjoy casting jigs and working them back to the boat covering more water.  Fishing in July and August is considered by many to be the most consistent walleye fishing of the entire year.

September and October has the “Tank Walleyes” putting on the feedbag prior to winter.  I personally love this time of year as it seems those massive walleyes that make you lose sleep at night come out of the woodwork as fall rolls in.  Each fall we average 20-25 walleyes exceeding 27 inches.  Deeper jig fishing patterns are employed and anglers stand a great chance at a fish of a lifetime!!

November…….Deer camp time for Rainydaze Guide Service!! We winterize our boats by October 31st.  The first week of December you will find Rainydaze working for sponsors such as Clam Outdoors and Vexilar incorporated at the St.Paul and Milwaukee ice fishing show. Chris can also be found on the seminar stage at the shows. Stop in and say hi or take in a seminar as he shares all of his tricks! Always love to talk Walleye fishing!!

December/January is well knowns as another fantastic time for MONSTER Walleyes.  We book trips from Mid-December through the beginning of February for Walleye fishing.  These walleyes can be extremely fun on jig sticks. The “PIGS” are often chasing ciscoes and can be found suspended 15-20 feet off the bottom at times.  Anglers don’t want to take his or her eyes off the flasher for a drink of pop this time of year.

March/April  finds our walleyes staging for the upcoming spawn cycle.  Walleyes will again be found aggressive off rock piles and current areas.  A simple jigging spoon or small jig will trigger these fish to bite.  Remember here on Rainy Lake our season is extended until mid April!!

Anytime………IS A GREAT TIME to fish walleyes on Rainy Lake, but we hope this gives you a little insight on what to expect while planning your trip!!  We look forward to sharing the boat with you for the day and putting a bend in your rod!!